IT projects outsourcing

We can offer to perform entire IT projects using our resources.

Working close with you, our staff will make a comprehensive analysis of requirements, develop a project plan, and when it gets your approval, will implement it to deliver the required product.

We build our project teams on case to case basis to account for availability of the Client's specialists. When the Client's human resources are temporarily outstretched, we try to provide our personnel with the relevant skills and experience.

We also have experience in integration projects and can guarantee good liaisoning with your current providers and the IT Department.

How we work?

Every good work requires a good plan. For this reason, we always start work on new projects by business analysis focused on accurate definition of business objectives of the Client and available options of attaining them using the relevant IT tools. Based on this analysis a preliminary project plan is developed together with cost estimate, and are submitted to the Client for approval.

Technical analysis is another stage which results in detailed specifications of the required system, accurately describing how all its components are to be developed and supplied. Following approval of the final version of documentation by the Client (including its IT Department) we commence implementation works.

Depending on the selected model of work for the Client, we implement each project in line with the pre-agreed methodology (we have been certified for PRINCE2 and PMI/PMBOK, and if so requested we can use the Agile/Scrum methodology).

The last step consists of 2 test stages: internal tests run by the supplier and approval tests performed by the Client, followed by Client personnel training and other implementation works.

What is expected from the Client?

Initially we need the Client to select and grant sufficient authority to its personnel in charge of the project:

  • Project sponsor / Head of Steering Committee
  • Business representative / Principal user
  • Internal IT representative to work with us

The Client's involvement is subsequent project stages can be summarized as follows:

Stage Client's participation
Business requirements analysis Contribution to definition of requirements
Project plan Plan and further works approval
Project implementation in line with selected methodology As required by selected methodology
Provider tests -
System installation at Client Providing installation environment
Client acceptance tests Tests performance, further works approval
User training and other implementation works Contributing to definition of training needs, facilitating training
Production start-up Providing production environment
Product improvement Contributing to definition of maintenance parameters
Post-implementation maintenance -